Top Tips for Hiring a Locksmith

Have you ever locked yourself out? Have you ever lost your key and needed help to get back into your property?

If the answer is “yes”, then you are probably well-aware of the challenges people experience when trying to find a reliable locksmith. Especially in emergencies having a fast response and support is extremely important. That is why DG Locksmiths Glasgow provides emergency locksmith services second to none. If you require a locksmith in Glasgow area we can provide emergency services within as little as 30 minutes. We also understanding how challenging it could be to find a reliable locksmith so we created a list of top tips that could help you in your selection.

1.     Conduct a research

Just like any similar task, like hiring a plumber or electrician, finding a locksmith requires careful consideration and research. It is usually better to do that before you actually need a locksmith to avoid the pressure the situation can put on you. So why not check where the closest to you locksmith is, their reputation and opening hours? This could save you a lot of efforts and stress especially in the situation of an emergency. You are also recommended to take a note of the phone numbers and addresses of a couple of locksmiths for future reference, especially if you do not want to hire the first locksmith on your list.


2.     Ask for recommendations

Getting advice and recommendations from friends and family is a very good way to find a reliable locksmith. After all you are definitely not the first to get into a situation where you need a locksmith and your friends and family could provide useful insights on their customer experience.


3.     Finding a locksmith in a phone book or the internet

When you find a locksmith online or in a phone book make sure that they have a business address and that this business address matches the locksmith. This is important as some companies list a street address of a vacant lot to give the impression that they are local. These could be verified by using websites that match street addresses with telephone numbers.

However, some legitimate locksmiths might not list an address either. So when you call them ask why they do not have an official address listes. A potential reason is that they are a mobile business or that they operate from home, and simply do not have a store front.

Another type of business to avoid are locksmiths who do not give a specific company name when you call and instead say “locksmith services” or something similar. What you can do is ask them to confirm their legal business name and if they refuse you should call another locksmith.


4.     Get an estimation before the work begins

Do not let the locksmith start working before you have an estimation of how much it will cost you. You should be able to get this information when you call the locksmith. You should also ask for any additional fees, as there might be a charge for a service call or mileage. If the price given on the phone does not match the price the locksmith gives you when they arrive do not let them proceed. Also never put your signature under a blank authorisation form.

5.     Check if the locksmith is insured

If your property gets damaged, or there is some faulty leading to damage or loss resulting from the work done then the locksmith should be able to cover your losses. That is why it is important to ensure that the locksmith has an insurance in place.

6.     Ask for identification

When the locksmith arrives you should ask for identification. This could be a business card or a license. You should also make sure that the invoice you get has the company details and everything is legitimate. Also expect to be asked for your personal details and identification, as a legitimate locksmith will not start any work until they ensure you are the owner of the property.

7.     Get a detailed invoice

After the locksmith has finished the work you should ask for a detailed invoice. This should include any parts that are being replaces, the cost of the labour, and any extra fees like mileage and service calls. Also ensure that these match the quote you were given before the work started.


Hiring DG Locksmiths Glasgow & Edinburgh

At DG Locksmiths Glasgow & Edinburgh we ensure that the expectations of our customers are always met and that you receive the quality services that you deserve. As authorised locksmith in Glasgow, with locksmith services available in Paisley and Falkirk we deliver quality work to customers in central Scotland. We are also one of the best locksmiths Edinburgh can offer, so wherever you need locksmith services DG Locksmiths can help. If you have any questions regarding our services do not hesitate to contact us.


  • peterabram

    I think it is important to hire a Locksmith that you trust. Looking up review of the companies in your area is a good way to determine the best person for the job. Following up by asking to see their identification when they arrive is really good advice. I will remember to do this the next time I get locked out!

  • Jack Jackson

    I appreciate the tips to make sure a locksmith shows up in uniform and has identification. These are things I wouldn’t have thought of but that are sensible tips when hiring a Locksmith. I also thought the tip to agree on prices beforehand was really smart.

  • Collin County

    You give best tips for hire a locksmith; still need some tips such as:
    Local Professional, License, Experience, Reputation, affordable, Quality residential and commercial locksmith service, 24/7 support from trained professionals, licensed, bonded, and insured, Accreditation and memberships, Vehicle owners receive top-notch automotive locksmith service, Fair pricing etc.

  • Bill Ford

    No doubt locksmith can help the best with locks and keys , but finding the right locksmith is a daunting task. Your tips will surely gonna help in finding the right one for locks and keys related issues. Thanks.

  • Dealayn

    Locksmith services are hard to find. So in my Brampton city i also
    struggle to find a good locksmith besides
    The only issue i have with Brampton locksmith is that i want an office
    to come to make a key copy, for example.