How to Secure Your Home During the Winter Holidays

The winter months are the time of the year when many people travel, visiting family and friends, or going on a winter holiday for a week or two. As a result many homes are often left uninhabited for an extended period of time and could become victims of robbery. If you are planning to travel around UK during the winter holidays and you will leave your property unattended, then you should ensure that your home is well protected.

As a professional locksmith in Glasgow, DG Locksmiths has extensive experience with providing quality protection for both commercial and residential properties. Our quality services include lock repairs, lock change, door and window frames replacement, home safes installation, security upgrades and much more. To help you ensure that your home is protected during your winter holiday we created a list of things to consider before you leave your property. These tips include not only protection from theft, but also electrical or heating system malfunctions that could occur while you are away.

1.      Ensure your home looks occupied

Thieves always target homes that look unoccupied. While you are on your holiday, mail, newspapers or flyers left in front of your property could signal that you are not in there and as a result your home may become a target for robbery. What you can do is forward your mails to a friend and stop you newspaper delivery. It is also a good area to arrange for someone to clean the snow after a storm, which will ensure your home does not look unoccupied. A locksmith can help you with motion-sensing exterior lights and timer lights for the inside of you home that can further discourage a burglar.

2.      Improve the overall protection of your home

This can easily be done with the help of a locksmith. A locksmith can install an alarm system at your home, deadbolt locks on the external doors and windows and if wanted place bars on the outside of the windows further reducing the chance of a burglar breaking in.  Another product a locksmith can provide is a home safe. This needs to be installed by a registered locksmith and is extremely useful in protecting daily-worn jewellery and important documents while you are away.


3.      Be considerate with the information you give

When we go on a holiday we often want to post information on social media sites to let our friends now about our travels and plans. However, there is the danger that potential thieves can access this information and take advantage of the time during which your house is vacant. That is why it is better to keep this information private.

4.      Avoid pipe damage

During the winter there is always the risk of a pipe bursting or leaking as a result of the weather and temperature changes. If this happens in your absence it can cause significant damages to your property. What you could do is turn off your water supply completely. If you have an old heating system it is advisable to consult a professional before you turn off the water supply and ensure that the system is functioning properly. Do not forget to drain the pipes by opening the faucets and to flush the toilet to clear the water from the bowl and tank. Antifreeze can be poured in the toilet tank and bowl to prevent freezing and cracking as a result of the remaining water.  If you do not want to drain your pipes keep the furnace running to ensure the property stays warm and the pipes do not freeze.

5.      Regular maintenance is essential

Inspect your heating system, electrical system and roof before the winter to ensure everything is functioning. Check that all locks are working properly and ensure that the insulation of your home is intact. If needed replace damaged locks and insulation. Clean the home before you leave to avoid any pests. The refrigerators and freezers should be cleaned, defrosted and unplugged with their doors left open to prevent mildew.


Hire a locksmith Glasgow

Protecting your home while you are on a holiday is essential, especially during the winter months when the weather can damage your property. In terms of safety one of the best solutions is to hire a locksmith Glasgow residents have entrusted completely. DG Locksmiths is a reputable company registered as a locksmith Glasgow, locksmith Falkirk and locksmith Paisley that also operates as one of the best locksmiths Edinburgh city. We can help with changing you locks, replacing door and window frames, and improve the overall security of your home. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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