How to Improve Your Home Security – a Practical Guide

One of the main considerations for any home owner is the security of their property. After all this is your home and you want to keep it safe at all costs! At DG Locksmiths Glasgow we provide a range of services connected with lock changing, key replacement, emergency repairs and others.

One of our most popular services is Security Upgrading which improves the overall level of security at your home. As an experienced locksmith in Glasgow, that also provides services as locksmiths in Edinburgh, Paisley and Falkirk we can offer expert advice on a variety of home security topics. Some of our key practical tips on how to improve your home security include:

1. Identify weaknesses in your home security

Try to think about your home and its current security. Put yourself in the place of a burglar. What would be the easiest way in your house? What are the places with the lowest security? Identifying these is the first step to improving the security of your property.

2. Always lock your doors and windows

Many people forget to lock their doors and windows as they are used to the idea that their place is safe. However, especially if you live on the lowest floors of a residential property, a burglar would most definitely check these. A moment lapse of judgement could cost you a lot, so always lock the doors and windows even if you are going out for as little as 5 minutes.

3. Always lock the balcony and the garage door

Locking the garage door and the balcony when you are going out or during the night is very important. Both provide easy access into your home and require extra caution. Do not forget to lock the door that leads from the garage into the house. This could save you a lot of regrets in the future.

4. Change the locks

When you are moving in you rarely think about changing the locks of your new home, and this is normal. However, a potential problem with these is the fact that you do not know who else could have a copy of your keys. To be safe, it is better to change the locks as soon as you move in. Same rule applies to lost keys. If you lose your key it is better to change the locks immediately as you never know who might have found it.


5. Leave the lights on

When you are leaving your home, it is a good idea to leave the lights on. This will make a burglar hesitate as they are not sure if you are home or not. Another option is to invest in automatic lights, or leave the TV or stereo on.

6. Close the curtains

When you are leaving your home keep the curtains closed, especially in rooms with expensive equipment. If burglars do not know what equipment you have they would be more likely to skip your property.


7. Contact the police

If you notice something strange around your neighbourhood or property, like an unknown car passing through several times a day or being parked for a very long time on your street then report it. This rule holds both for your own home and your neighbours’ properties.

8. Security systems

You can install a security lightning in your yard which will make it much harder for a burglar to enter the premises without being seen. In addition, getting an alarm system could also improve the security of your home substantially and deter a burglar from proceeding once in the house. Another factor that could increase the safety is putting bars on the windows, which will prevent someone from breaking in.

9. Don’t leave a spare key

Do not leave a spare key around your home, especially hidden in obvious locations like the welcome mat.

10. Get a safe

Buying a safe could be a very good investment. It can protect not only valuable belongings but also paperwork, cheques and financial records.


DG Locksmiths Glasgow

All these tips depend on having quality locks installed in the first place and continuously monitoring them, so ensure they are functioning properly. Upgrading your home security is an essential step if you believe your home to be inadequately protected. As an experienced locksmith in Glasgow, DG Locksmiths can deliver exactly that. We also have offices in other locations so if you are looking for a locksmith in Paisley, locksmith in Falkirk or locksmiths in Edinburgh, DG Locksmiths can help. Contact us today to discuss which of our services is most suitable for you.