6 Benefits of Using UPVC Doors and Windows

If you are a property owner interested in increasing the security of you home why not upgrade to UPVC doors and windows? At DG Locksmiths Glasgow & Edinburgh we specialise in providing quality locksmith services to consumers in the central belt of Scotland. Our UPVC doors are among our most popular products as a result of all the benefits they have compared to traditional wooden doors. But before we go into more detail regarding their main advantages we need to provide a definition.

6 benefits of using UPVC doors

What are UPVC doors and windows?

The acronym UPVC stands for unplasticised poly vinyl chloride, which is a material predominantly used in doors, windows, pipes and guttering. The popularity of the UPVC doors and windows in recent years is a result of the numerous benefits they offer. These include:


1.      Increased strength and security

UPVC doors and windows are much stronger than traditional woods as a result of their manufacturing process, which involved wrapping UPVC around a core of galvanised steel. As a result they are extremely hard to force in or break down, which significantly improves the security of your home. In addition, most UPVC doors are anti-crowbar, which further improves the security they offer, as they cannot be forced the same way traditional doors could.

2.      Longer lasting

UPVC doors do not experience the same problems as wood. They are not affected by damp climate and last longer than wood which is a great advantage for home owners in the UK. As a result of dampness exposure wooden doors and windows warp and swell which makes them difficult to open and close. In contrast UPVC doors are weatherproof and are not affected by damp, which means that they preserve their original shape and fit easily into their frame. Their resilience is a great advantage for people who want a long lasting insulation that does not require much treatment.

3.      Greater variety

The popularity of UPVC doors and windows is also increasing as a result of the greater variety of products available. They come in different colours and could also have a wood grain finish that makes them look like traditional wooden doors. UPVC doors and windows are also made in a variety of styles. This includes different glazing, sizes and shapes, which in many cases can be custom-made allowing even greater flexibility.  In this sense UPVC doors and windows do not only add value to your property but also improve the way it looks.

4.      Low maintenance

UPVC doors, just like UPVC windows, require almost no maintenance. If you get UPVC doors you would need to oil the lock and occasionally wipe the glazed areas. As a material UPVC is extremely durable and resilient which results in many installation companies giving long guarantees.

5.      High insulation

UPVC doors and windows have a high level of insulation. As a result they significantly reduce the noise produced by traffic, neighbours and any other source, providing you with a less stressful environment. If you live in a noisy area with a lot of transport links and traffic then UPVC insulation could provide an effective solution to your needs.

In addition, UPVC also prevents cold and damp from getting into your property, while keeping the worm air inside. This results in greater energy savings as compared to wooden doors and windows, which is beneficial for both your finances and the environment.

6.      Lower costs

As a result of the manufacturing process UPVC doors are much cheaper than wooden doors. This significantly lowers the costs associated with insulating your home and combined with the energy savings that UPVC doors bring leads to substantial total savings in the long term.

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